Cooking on an induction hob, that's something the future has. Many people with a newly built house are already buying an induction cooktop nowadays. Or they have moved to a new housing estate where you can only cook without gas.


This innovation is invented and designed by Dietrix®. If you're cooking on an induction hob you'll soon discover that it's very scratch-sensitive. And the hob attracts dirt and dust. But this is a thing of the past with the arrival of the  Induction Protector by Dietrix®. The advantage of the Induction Protector is that you prevent scratches and so your hob stays like new! Another advantage of the Induction Protector is that it creates more space on your counter top. This gives you more space for making your daily sandwich or you can put glasses and snacks on it during a party. This rollable and nice material also styles your (living) kitchen with al the lovely prints. And the  Induction Protector comes with every size you want.


The Induction Protector is flexible, dirt- and water-repellent and very convenient to use. As soon as you start cooking, you roll up the Induction Protector and put it aside. When you're done cooking, put the Induction Protector back on the induction hob.


It can also be placed on a hob with an integrated extractor. Mention this when ordering in the Comment field. This way we can take the overlap into account. Because there is an upright element on the hob, you will see it under the material that falls over it.

induction hob protector


The Induction Protector can be ordered in 2 types. The difference is in the thickness and whether or not anti-slip. Both are made of sturdy and easy to clean material and have the following properties;


Induction Protector:

- 1mm or 3 mm thickness

- 1 mm is the Standard, 3 mm is the DELUXE with anti-slip

- material is flexible, strong and tear free

- dirt- and water-repellent

- UV resistant

- bright print with flat surface

- easy to clean with a damp cloth and/or detergent

- conveniently rollable and pulls itself back straight, so that it stays in place

- available in many prints, designs and images or your own print/text

induction hob protector


The Induction Protector can be ordered in all sizes and comes with 3 mm (0,12 inch) extra material on all sides. This way the Induction Protector lies well on the hob and offers optimal protection. Whether you have a hob with an integrated extractor, please tell us the height of the part that raises above the hob in mm.


If you have an integrated extractor in your hob, we take more overlap into account. Please mention how much mm  in your order in the Comment field.


Note: state the size in centimeters and first the width, then height: W x H in cm.

induction hob protector
induction hob protector

User Information

Prints & designs

You can choose from many types of images that we print on your Induction Protector. From cities, to marble, the Perry Taylor Collection, flowers and various food related pictures. Take a look at the designs we offer!


  • This product is NOT intended for cooking. 
  • DO NOT put hot pans or other hot items on this product! 
  • DO NOT place on the hob when it is ON.
  • As you start cooking, roll up the Induction Protector!
  • DO NOT BEND OR CREASE: this may damage or dent it!
  • DO NOT CUT ON IT: it cannot be used as a cutting board!
  • CLEANING: remove the Induction Protector with a clean cloth or kitchen paper and a little detergent. 
  • Or a (not aggressive) detergent.
  • DO NOT preferably place the Induction Protector on a dirty hob. Keep the underside clean and your hob as well.
User Information Induction Protector.pdf
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We are not responsible for any damage(s) caused to a hob or kitchen component resulting from failure to comply with the user rules and information we provide. We provide this important information on a flyer with every order. You can download it here. The use of the Induction Protector is at your own risk.


Also, we are not responsible for damages on the Induction Protector after own use/staining or failure to comply with the user rules as mentioned above.