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Induction Protector by Dietrix® 

style your kitchen & protect your hob


The innovation in the kitchen is the Induction Protector by Dietrix®. If you're cooking on an (induction) hob you'll soon discover that it's very scratch- and dirt-sensitive. This no longer excist with the arrival of the Induction Protector invented and developed by designer Dietrix. This flexible and sturdy material can be easily rolled up, also styles your (home) kitchen, because you can have any design or your own photo printed on it!


Roll it!

The Induction Protector by Dietrix® is dirt- and water resistant and very convenient to use. As soon as you start cooking, roll up the Induction Protector and put it aside.

When you're done, put the Induction Protector back on the hob, where it pulls itself straight again.


More workspace

Another great advantage of the Induction Protector is that it creates more space on your countertop. Because of this advantage you have more space for e.g. making your daily sandwich or glasses and snacks during a party.



New: Perry Taylor COLLECTION

induction hob protector perry taylor


induction hob protector

All advantages at a glance

  • Protect your hob against scratches, dirt, dust and pet feet :)
  • Style your kitchen and uplift your decor!
  • Enlarge your kitchen counter, giving you more space to cook!